Christian Kretschmar is specialised in interior design photography, mostly for hotels, resorts and restaurants.

Besides that, as a fine art photographer he seeks man-made, but unintended beauty in city- and landscapes all over the world. An abandoned parking lot, an unexpected view on the skyline or just an old brothel in Greece: the inadvertently emerging poetry. There is always the human trace - functionality that becomes beauty, the coincidental ensemble that turns into appealing elegance.

Christian Kretschmar was born in 1968, studied music from the age of 12 at the music college Detmold, Germany. He is based in Paris and works worldwide as a freelance photographer and musician since 25 years.

Large scale prints are available for purchase though this website, please use the contact button below for inquiries about prints, schedules or exhibitions.


October 17, 2017: One Point, 29 rue des Sablons, 75016 Paris, France

March 9, 2016: Elex Premium, 3 Rue de Stockholm, 75008 Paris, France

Recent publications:

ELLE DΓ©coration (05/2014), Belgium
Boutique Design (05/2014), USA, Cover
Hinge (08/2013), Hong Kong
The Art Of Design Magazine (04/2013), UK
Hospitality Interiors (10/2013), UK
Gala (49/2013), Germany

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